Mentoring Teens Prepare Boxes

With two small children, I knew I wouldn’t be able  to get the Christmas boxes sorted, counted and labeled.  The five teens involved in the Mentoring program came over and helped out.  They were great. After getting all the boxes labeled and sorted, they were able to make 8 extra boxes and 21 bags (we had run out of empty boxes) for Saturday’s Christmas program.  One of the goals we had for the mentoring program was to have the teens volunteer for some of our activities.  We’ve already had some teens volunteer at camp and now with Christmas boxes.  They have also agreed to help pass out the boxes on Saturday.  I am so thankful for these five great teens.  I’m proud of their achievements in school and continued participation in Sunday school and other MBK activities.  I’m excited to see how they are learning about God and stepping out of their comfort zone and giving back.

One of our mentees still does not have a sponsor for next year and we are hoping to get sponsors for four more teens who will start high school in September 2015.  These teens have been with us for 2-5 years and we have watched them grow up. Please pray that God will bring sponsors for these students so that they can continue their education and continue to make a possible impact on their families, friends, and community.

DSCN5523 DSCN5526 DSCN5528 DSCN5541


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