Fifth Sunday

Rarely are there five Sundays in a month. So we have started making them extra special.  You know the kids love McDonald’s, but we just didn’t have the money to rent minibuses to take AND feed them. So I called the folks and McDonald’s and explained to them the problem.  If we can’t take the kids to McDonald’s, why don’t we take McDonald’s to the kids!! So we did!

The wonderful lady from McDonald’s, brought a craft project for the kids as well as balloons for each one. The kids got a take home puppet show activity and an educational card game as well.  We bought happy meals for the kids and instead of a soda, they all got a drinkable yogurt–a special treat for them!

Many of these had never been to McDonald’s, so that was a really neat for them. Others have only gone when we took them. It’s defiantly one of the little things that is take for granted by kids in America. A cheeseburger and fries is such a special treat here!

DSCN5366 DSCN5369 DSCN5368 DSCN5383 DSCN5387 DSCN5396 DSCN5398 DSCN5399 DSCN5413 DSCN5425 DSCN5432 DSCN5390 DSCN5406


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