In October while visiting the folks in Dorohoi, it was let known to us, that if anyone wanted to give all the children and teens in the orphanage a little gift, that the they needed socks.  What they didn’t know was the three weeks before we knew the need, one of my mom’s coworkers gave her $100 to “buy the kids some socks.”  We didn’t who the socks were for, but God already that the kids at the orphanage in mind.  I love how God provided for a need before we even knew we needed it.

In November, while my parents were here, we were able to give socks to the teens who are in a “Good Life Choices” study.  We also visited some little girls in one of the apartments, and gave them socks too!  The teens each got a pair of warmer socks and the kids got a pair of warm socks and a pair of summer socks.  We were able to buy a pair of warm socks for the 118 children and teens and about 39 summer pairs for the children. The staff later passed out the socks to the children along with apple sauce and some clothes we were given for the children.

DSCN5284 IMG_0524 IMG_0534 IMG_0558 IMG_0560 DSCN5303


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