Introducing Adi and Iulia

We are so excited that Adi and Iulia have joined us as the new teen Sunday School teachers.  These amazing volunteers are members of Diakonia Church and Adi is one of the pastors.  Iulia works with the 2nd-5th graders at the church too.  They have 3 children of their own and are in the process of moving from an apartment to a house.


Twice a month the make the trek to Stroiesti and work with the teens. They are doing a John MacArthur study called “The Fundamental Elements of Faith.”  The teens are enjoying the study. When asked what they thoughts of their new teachers and the study, the responses were “Oh, it’s really interesting,” “useful,”  “not hard to understand, but not too easy,” “[Adi and Iulia] are great; we get along great!” “they are really nice.”  The girls love having a woman in the classroom to give the female perspective as well.

Adi and Iulia ask for prayers for their work with the teens as well as for their family.

Last year’s teacher, Dinu is currently in England. He decided to try to find work and have an adventure while he was still single.  Can’t blame him and we appreciate all of his help and efforts with the teens last year. They had a great time and all came back, so it must of been a great year!  We wish Dinu well and pray that God will give him another opportunity to work with youth again, since he did such a great job!

2 Responses

  1. Your news concerning the classes fills my heart with joy. God bless those who take the word of Jesus to those who hunger for it!

  2. This is amazing! Exactly the kind of ownership by the local group of believers that we need. We appreciate the willingness of Adi & Iulia to help!

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