KidzFest 2014

Three days of great children ministry in the city.  The folks from KidzRomania in Bucharest came and did Bible lessons, puppet shows, songs, games and more. The kids came from all over the city and from Stroiesti village.  The teens from Stroiesti were volunteers and for all of them it was their first time volunteering.  It was a great experience for them.

I had wanted Paula and her brothers to come each day.  But Paula couldn’t come on Friday afternoon, because her went to school in the afternoon.  My wonderful husband went to pick up her brothers and we knew we’d see Paula the next day.  Thirty minute later we saw some thirty kids walking down the street.  And up walks Paula with her whole class.  Of all the classes in the entire city, the one teacher who signed up her students for the Kidzfest was Paula’s 3rd grade class.  Now, that is a very cool “God is the details” moment.

DSCN0035 DSCN0065 DSCN0043 DSCN0045 DSCN9989 DSCN9998 DSCN0049 DSCN0027

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