The Reason I don’t blog as often as I should

I’ve really meant to blog more.  We’ve been doing lots of ministry.  Good intentions and all.  But I have these two little people in my house and I just can’t keep my eyes off them.  They are too cute…and a little mischievous..sometimes.  So it is early morning and Livy is playing and Matt is sleeping….and I’m hoping the inconstant quality of the internet won’t fail me now, so I can actually post the reason why my blogs have gotten to be less frequent.

DSCN7489 DSCN8412 DSCN8746 DSCN9248 DSCN9418 DSCN9798 DSCN9817 DSCN9842 DSCN9852 DSCN9832DSCN8353 DSCN9802 DSCN9838 DSCN9859 And now that I have have shamelessly posted 14 pictures of my beautiful children, I’ll go make Matt breakfast, because you know he woke up in the middle of me uploading these pictures!

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  1. Beautiful children!!!

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