VBS at Diakonia

Two amazing sisters from Texas came and stayed with us last week.  They were full of energy and love!  Together we were able to put on a VBS for the children in our church and community.  The lessons were about the life of Jesus and we had some really great crafts and games.  On Sunday the kids shared songs and verses they had learned at church. 

Our old neighbors came.  I was able to give them money for buses and they came.  I truely feel the whole VBS was for these children and their step-mom.  They were excited to be there and they learned Bible verses and songs.  It was the first time the kids had heard the Gospel message.  Their step-mom’s grandparents were believers, but she did not grow up in a Christian home.  She loved being there and stayed each day.  She and the children came to church on Sunday and even brought the roommate.  The children even went to a birthday party of a boy they had met at VBS on Sunday afternoon.  I’m excited that the 2 older children will be able to come to camp this year as well.  God is doing great things.

DSCN7320 DSCN7361

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