Easter Program in Stroiesti

While we were in the hospital on Palm Sunday celebrating the arrival of Olivia, the children and teens in Stroiesti were performing their Easter Program.  Here is what Ana reported to me about the program:

“Today we had the Easter program. Diakonia was present. Nevertheless, not very many parents showed up. The children sang very well, they’ve learned their poems and verses and everything was ok. Thank God!
I sent you some pictures that I hope you’ll enjoy. On the whiteboard you can see the craft you  sent; we did it yesterday at rehearsal. They loved the carrots you sent and prayed for you, without knowing that you’ll go into labor the very same day.
I have to tell you something very funny. At the end of the program, Pastor  Tibi asked the kids to pray and Roxana thanked God for the fact that you gave birth to a baby girl, but instead of saying your name she said my name. So imagine everyone smiling and laughing and later joking about it. *:P tongue
The folks from Diakonia prepared some fruit and candy for the kids and they were very happy about it.”
Here are some of the pictures of the children before and after the program. We thank God that the children and teens are able to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord in freedom. We praise God that Diakonia church has come along side of the us and have invested in the children and teens of Stroiesti. May God continue to bless them all.
DSCN9766(1) DSCN9770(1) DSCN9787 DSCN9790 DSCN9794 DSCN9780 DSCN9778

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