Bumps on the head and other fun adventures

Since getting back from our trip down to Mississippi and Texas, we have yet to have a calm week.  We arrived back just in time for the ice storm here in Wilmington and were out of power for 3 days.  We survived and ended up having great family time.  The following week, Matt was sick and had to be taken to the ER on Wednesday night. He was finally diagnosed with bronchiolitis and was put on steroids and albuterol.  The combo turned him into crazy baby and we ended up in the ER on Thursday night with a cut head.  Poor Matt got 3 little staples in his head. This week, we were able to play host to a young couple interested in joining MBK next year.  They are interested in doing orphan ministry in a city about 2 hours south from us.  It was a great time of fellowship and conversation.

We are hoping for a calm week or 2 (or more) until Miss Olivia decides to join us.  I am working on plans for summer camp and seeking opportunities for fundraising, including speaking at churches.

Please continue to pray for us as we wait for little Olivia’s arrival and as we plan for all of our fun adventures for this summer!


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  1. sounds like crazy week to me, hope this next week is much better, we are settling in awaiting the next nor -easter with three grandkids here while their parents are vacationing in C. Christy,Texas, praying for you all and baby O. too,Allen

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