Christmas Play for Stroiesti

We had 45, yes 45 children and teens, plus two mom join us at church on Sunday.  They got to see the same great play that the college students did the day before for the children at the orphanage.  The Stroiesti gang loved it.  For many it was the first time they went to a non-Orthodox church.  For some it was their first time seeing a play (in the village, in the school they have to buy tickets and they don’t have the disposable income for this).  For some, it was their first time in the city doing something fun like not going to the doctor!

For the most part, the kids were really well behaved and even sat still during the sermon! They sang along with the Christmas carols and laughed along with the play.  Afterwards, they took pictures with the stars of the show and snacked on cookies!  Including special Christmas tree shaped cookies Bogdan found for them and candy canes sent by my (amazing) mom.

Afterwards, we loaded the kids up on the bus with a sugar high and sent them back to their parents.  It was a great time. And we had 45 kids in church!!!!!

DSCN6007 DSCN6012 DSCN6008


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  1. That is so cool!! God is doing something marvelous!! Hats off to all of you at the church!! Keep up the good work! We continue to pray for you, Allen

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