Christmas Play with Kids from the Orphanage

I love it when different ministry project overlap!  Our church is involved with a mentoring project for College students.  Those college students put on a show with a play, Christmas carols and a quiz for the children and teens at the orphanage.  It was wonderful.  Over 100 of the kids and teens came (there were a few who were participating in an arts competition in another city).  Families from the city also came to the show.

DSCN5895 DSCN5907

Children were invited to share some Christmas poems or songs at the beginning of the program and after the show, they got to have their pictures taken with the actors.  The college students shared the real meaning of Christmas with the children.  It’s not about gifts, cakes, or carols, it is about God’s Son coming to Earth to save us.  It was a special time for the children.

After the show was over, Bogdan was treated to a wonderful rendition of “Happy Birthday” in Romanian of course.  Then we called each apartment (the kids at the orphanage stay in apartments instead of one large building) and Bogdan gave them each a chocolate bar for his birthday.  Because of the wonderful generosity of so many, my amazing mom was able yet again this year, to collect games and puzzles for each apartment.  Many of the kids don’t know how to play or how to play well with others.  By giving them puzzles and board games, they are able to learn some new skills and interact with their apartment brothers and sisters.  Plus, they get to be kids and PLAY!  The kids were so excited to see what they got.  Each girl apartment also received a canvas with a cross stitching project on it–I can’t wait to see these completed and on the walls.  The larger puzzles will most likely be built and glued and hung on the walls adding extra cheer to the apartments.  Each apartment received hot chocolate mix and popcorn (some grown in our garden) to complete family game night this winter.

DSCN5899 DSCN5911 DSCN5919 DSCN5925 DSCN5931 DSCN5943 DSCN5949 DSCN5959 DSCN5972

There is one little boy who is blind in one apartment.  He was sitting behind me during the show.  I was talking to him and he asked me if they would get presents.  I told him there would be a surprise.  “What surprise?”  “well, it wouldn’t be  a surprise if I told you.”  He was so happy to be able to come up to the stage and get a big box of legos.  His apartment brothers take good care of him and promised to help him to learn how to play with the legos.

Thank you to the college students and church members who went out of their way to make the show a huge success for the kids and teens. Thank you to everyone who donated puzzles and games to the kids.  You made the start of the Christmas season extra special for the children and teens at the orphanage.





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  1. I had a little ugly cry! This ministry is THRILLING

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