Tractor Trailer from Holland

We were very fortunate to get in on a tractor trailer full of clothes, food, and furniture from Holland.  A local church received the donations and we were offered some of them for the kids and teens at the orphanage in Dorohoi.  We even got a crib and car seat, as well as baby clothes for a family in Stroiesti!!!

Bogdan had an adventure getting the clothes, shoes and food to Dorohoi.  He had to wait until after 5:30 pm to borrow a cargo van from a friend of ours.  Then after picking up a helper, he came home to load up the clothes, which we had moved from boxes to bags. (It had rained the day the shipment arrived, so some of the clothes had gotten wet and started to smell of mold, so we had to dry them out and/or wash them). They got most of the stuff loaded up and started off.  After an hour, I expected a call saying they had arrived, only to get one saying they were coming home because the van didn’t have the power to make it up the hill out side of Suceava.  WHAT?  So I called Dorohoi and said they weren’t coming.  Got a call 45 mins later, saying that the van broke down and the owner showed up and borrowed another smaller van, and Bogdan and the friend were driving the small van and our car to Dorohoi.

Finally, in Dorohoi, teens from the orphanagehelped unload the van and Bogdan was on his way home.  On the way home, he ran into traffic for a horrid accident and had to be detoured through the woods.  He finally made it home at midnight.  But it was all worth it, especially, when we saw the picture of the kids getting the apple sauce and other goodies! 100_3989 (2) 100_3988 (2) 100_3990 (2) 100_3991 (2) 100_3993 (2) 100_3992 (2) 100_3987 (2)

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  1. Hello Melissa, I sent you a message via facebook. Look in the Other folder if not in your Inbox. Swell job with the kids in your ministry for the Lord. I have also been connected to Romania. Blessings!

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