First Day of Sunday School

We had a great start yesterday for Sunday School!  We had 35 kids including one new boy.  We also had a few kids come back after they heard the mean religion teacher is gone and won’ t causing problems for us anymore!!


We were really excited that Pastor Tibi and folks from Diakonia Church came with a program for the kids.  They taught the kids 2 new songs and Pastor Tibi did a great lesson.  He taught the kids a Bible verse and challenged them with some review questions.  We are THRILLED that Diakonia will be joining us once a month!  YEAH!

We ended the day by giving out school supplies.  We had about 200 notebooks and folders in total and packets of pens and pencils for each child.  Kindergarteners got new color pencils and crayons.  I only had 4 backpacks and was able to give them to the little boys who needed them most.  The kids went home ready to start school on Monday.



2 Responses

  1. Awesome! So…..everyone needs to buy a backpack when they go on sale and we can send them over with the camp supplies each year.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful start! Praying for you always!

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