Teen field trip thanks to Roxbury Camp

“Finally, some thought of us big kids,” was the comment over heard and told to me by the director of the orphanage.  Rarely do the teens get to go on outing or camps.  Selected teens will come to our camp to help work in the kitchen or to help with the little kids on field trips, and sometimes others are invited to other camps, but as a group it is rare for the teens to go on field trips.  Why?  Well, as a group they can be rowdy and many of the teen boys smoke. Folks want to see sweet little kids, not awkward teen angst.   Regardless of this, Roxbury Camp sent money for all the kids, not just the little kids to go on a field trip and for that we are truly grateful.

DSCN5303 DSCN5288 DSCN5275

The teens arrived early and took a little walk around the city center before coming to Sempre Pizza, a local pizza restaurant owned by a good Christian family.  Our wonderful Pastor Tibi shared with the teens the story of Jesus walking on water and faith.  The teens were so attentive.  One of the girls who had come to camp this summer asked if Pastor Tibi could come and teach at summer next year.  They loved the fact that the message was clear and honest and there was no extra fluff.  Pastor Tibi has been invited to go to the orphanage to lead some Bible studies with the teens.  We’ll see what happens!

DSCN5313 DSCN5359 DSCN5431After the “lesson,” the teens each got their own pizza and ate up.  We had a birthday, so we got a big cake and celebrated all the birthdays for the month of September.  After lunch, we headed to the monastery and then a hike to the castle.  The teens enjoyed climbing over the castle ruins and spending the day in the sun.  The teens got cotton candy.  We were blessed to receive 60 Bibles from Maranatha Baptist Church.  We were able to give all the teens Bibles.  They were really excited to get them.

DSCN5458 DSCN5459 DSCN5468

It was a great day for the 55 teens.  Thank you Roxbury Youth Camp for giving the teens from the Orphanage a day out!

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