New Puppies

Ever since Sergey was dog-napped  and we took his girlfriend to live with Bogdan’s grandmother, we had been looking for a new puppy to be a friend to Lucy.



We never thought we’d get 2!  One is Ellie–she was our planned puppy, who came from a neighbor’s daughter.  She’s a tough little pup and has already chased larger dogs out of our yard.


The day after we got Ellie, another neighbor found a dog and a puppy in their yard.  They didn’t want either because they are female and they won’t get the dogs fixed. They said, if the dogs didn’t leave in a day or 2 they would “get rid of them.”  No one was able to get a hold of mama dog, but they were able to get the puppy. So we got Missy:



So now we have Miss(y), Ellie, and Lucy.  Pamela and Sue Ellen are the cats!

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