Easter Blessings

When God tells you to do something, just do it, even if you think its insignificant.  Wait and see what God really has in mind.

One mother sent me a note asking for help.  She had nothing to put on the table for Easter.  Her husband has been out of work for a while and does daily work around the village for less than $5 a day.  The oldest son, who had worked and provide much for his younger siblings, is currently in jail serving a 3 year term.  His mother says he’s innocent, I don’t know, I don’t care, he was providing for his family and now he can’t.  The 16 year old daughter has moved in with her much older boyfriend because she just couldn’t take it anymore at home.

There are 2 children at home who are my students.  They also come to Sunday School.  They are so sweet and I just love them.  I decide to make them a fun Easter bunny cake.  I felt compelled to make them a cake.

DSCN9620 I arrived at their house with a box of food, including chicken, pork, and eggs since their chickens were stolen. The kids were outside with a neighbor boy, waiting for me.  The mother came out when I arrived.  I brought out the cake and the kids were so excited.  The mother started crying.  She said, “today is my baby boy’s birthday and we don’t have a cake for him.” I knew then, why I felt so compelled to make a cake for these children. To make a special day for him.  I had packed a bag with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, t shirts, etc.  I had put in some chocolate bars.  I pulled them out and gave them to little boy along with a pack of Transformer toothbrushes–so cool.  He was happy!

I sat and talked with the mother. She told me that her daughter in the 2nd grade was so fearful.  Wanting to check the door was locked and terrified if the fire was still going when they all went to sleep.  I pulled her on my lap and told her, she should pray when she felt scared.  We talked about Jesus and how we can have peace in our hearts with Jesus.  She gave me a huge hug.  She also liked the Bible story book I put in the bag for them.  I put in a New Testament as well for the parents.

Usually, I would have put in a few groceries and deliver them.  I felt like I needed to do more this family and I saw what a blessing it was. Listen when God tells you to do something.



4 Responses

  1. amen. what a beautiful story. I will try harder to follow my instincts

  2. Hi Melissa, Thanks for following the nudge of the Holy Spirit. Have you guys received rain? I have prayed for rain for you. We are receiving spring rains here. The family is coming here for Mothers Day. Pray for us, it will be difficult without my daughter, but God is helping me to embrace the sorrow,Allen and Carolyn

  3. Thank you, Lord for your tender mercy for this family. Thank you for using Melissa to show our great love for them. Amen!

    Very cool, Melissa!

  4. ***Your*** great love for them…..

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