Our first Junior Bible Quiz meet went so well.  This is the first year for JBQ in the Suceava area and because of that only two teams competed.  And both teams were from Stroiesti; one with 4th grade girls and one with 7th and 8th grade girls. The JBQ officials from KidzRomania of Buchurest were really impressed with the two teams and said they were very well prepared for JBQ.  We had some other youth leaders who were interested in JBQ so we hope that next year we will have more teams.  Our next meet will be in May or June.

I’m thrilled to announce our individual awards: 3rd place: Gabita, 2nd place: Ioana G. and 1st place: Ana (yes, Janet, that would be YOUR Ana!)  The older girls’ team won, but the margin was really small.  I’m so proud of my girls!!

DSCN9458 DSCN9462 DSCN9463

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  1. Oh, Melissa, Bogdan, & Matei: How we miss you guys when we see you on photos–thanks for the memories again! I am so proud of the girls also–some were in my table group (Carolyn). What a wonderful way to plant the WORD in young hearts–tell them to keep up the good work on the quiz team! love & prayers, Carolyn & Allen

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