Sponsor a Kid for Summer Camp!

Do you have great memories of summer camp?  Why not let other kids have those great summer camp memories?  Never got to go to camp and you always wanted to? Sponsor a girl or boy to go in your place!


That’s right folks, its that time of year, the snow may still be on the ground, but we are looking for at least 50 sponsors for camp this year.  We already have 4 children sponsored and need 46 more to reach our goal.  The cost is $120 and includes a week of camp in the mountains.  Bogdan will make nutritious meals for the campers and the campers get fun snacks twice a day.  The campers will have 8 solid Bible lessons from the Book of Joshua, plus crafts, games, and memory verse time.  The campers will prepare skits and songs for a talent show/worship service. Campers will go swimming, hiking, roast marshmallows on a camp fire and travel to and from camp on a train.

For many of our kids, this is the only opportunity to leave the village or orphanage during the summer. Its a chance for them to be kids, with out the responsibility of taking of younger siblings, animals, or working in the fields.

Like last year, we want  you to know who you sponsored and the kids LOVE to know who sponsors them. You can send them a letter or email before camp. You will receive a photo and letter from your camper after camp.  Aren’t able to sponsor a camper on your own, get some friends together or maybe your Sunday school class and sponsor a camper together!

Please help and sponsor a child for camp. For more details go to : https://melissainromania.wordpress.com/send-a-kid-to-camp/ or http://www.mbk.ro

Thank You!

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