Wednesday afternoon it was snowing. But we decided to go into the city. We wanted to deliver a box of clothes and shoes, and 4 Christmas shoeboxes to a poor family in the city.  Our road is rarely plowed, so it isn’t a good indicator of the roads.  We got to the main road and it was pretty clear.  We soon found ourselves in a long line of car following the snow plow. Excellent. Clear roads all the way into town.

We got out of the villages and in the farm land.  It was then that we realized that the other lane was blocked in many places by snow!  Ok, we thought, when the snow plow turns around, we’ll follow it and head home.  Except the snow plow didn’t turn around.  We started to go into town and decided to turn around and go home before it got dark.  The road was then blocked by the police.  Great!  So we pulled into a hotel at the intersection. We thought to stop and eat and wait for the snow plow.  Only the hotel restaurant had no food. There was a school bus full of kids sitting waiting on the snow plow there too.  Bogdan spoke with the police.  The snow plow wasn’t coming anytime soon and within 10 minutes the road was covered with snow drifts. It was then we decide to go back to the city and eat.  The snow hadn’t stopped and had actually gotten worse.  We checked into a hotel and stayed the night there.  We watched plow after plow clear the roads in the city.   We watched the news and turns out, it wasn’t just snowing, it was  a blizzard.

IMG_0790[1] IMG_0794[1]

We finally delivered the packages (see another blog soon) and did some grocery shopping before heading back home.  The roads weren’t great, but we got through.  Our driveway  was completely blocked with 2 feet of snow because of the drifts.


Praise God we arrived safely home.  And we even had a nice evening of rest in this crazy Christmas season!  And note to self: don’t go to the city in a blizzard.


2 Responses

  1. Look at that snow!!! So thankful you guys are safe and sound! We pray for you!! Love you!

  2. Yikes!!!!!!

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