Trip to Dorohoi

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a planner. I had planned a day at Dorohoi, bring the kids from Stroiesti and Dorohoi together for a fun Saturday.  It was a chance for the kids to see each other again after camp.  Thought all was going well until: 1) two of my girls called and said they couldn’t come because they were competeing the Miss Autumn and the rehersal was on Saturday; 2) the barrowed mini-van turned out to be a two door Opel; and 3) Friday evening I got a call saying we could no longer use the center where we had planned the even.  Fortunally, the Baptist church let us use their building, but we couldn’t get in until 11:30.  We were able to play outside on their playground.   Everything worked out well, but man, was I stressed.  Only when we have a team from America does our annual trip to Dorohoi get complicated.
Like last year, the kids from the Stroiesti brought two sacks of potatoes, cabbage, peppers, apples, onions, carrots, red beets, and milk.  All of the left overs from the wonderful dinner cooked by my amazing husband and his kitchen team

, went to the orphanage. The kids in Stroiesti like helping out the other kids. The local university donated 20 pounds of chicken and sour cream.  This was such a blessing.  The American team made 72 cupcakes–a great treat for the kids.

Our theme this year was the Good Tree and Bad Tree.  Andrei, who leads the teen group, taught the lesson.  Our friend in Dorohoi, Emil was supposed to teach a lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit, but because of the late start, he couldn’t…next time.

Enjoy these pictures from our day!


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  1. Hi Melissa, we enjoyed the pics. I was looking for Ciprion but could not see him. Was he along? We are flying home tomorrow, two days early because of a death in the family. Say Hi to your wonderful husband and give little Matt a hug from Carolyn, The Glicks

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