North Carolina Christmas Boxes

Thank you to everyone who made boxes.  Some groups weren’t pictured (because I didn’t have pictures of them, of course).  Over 100 boxes were made in NC this year, plus board games, hot chocolate and popcorn for the 18 apartments that make up the orphanage.  There were many bags of coats and winter clothing for the village.

A very special thanks to my Mom who organized and collected the boxes. A special thanks to my Dad who let my Mom put the boxes in his garage aka guitar workshop and who rented a van and drove with my Mom to PA.  My folks will be here in Romania to hand out the boxes this year.  It will be a great time I’m sure.

Did your group make boxes?  Send me a photo and I’ll post it. (You don’t even have to live in NC!)

Again thank you to everyone who made boxes. Christmas will be brighter here in Romania because of you.

One Response

  1. Melissa’s Mom and Dad is Woderful! We love shoeboxes! Such a small gesture makes a huge impact! Safe travels little boxes! 🙂

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