Crazy Week

Last week was a crazy week here.  Monday evening, Ana, Ancuta and I met with Andrei who will be heading up our new teen Sunday school class. We have wanted this class for 3 years now and were waiting for the right person to come along and lead it.  Andrei has worked with us before and even worked with the kids in Stroiesti a bit before I arrived in 2009.  Andrei has a heart for youth ministry.  Praise the Lord!  We also discussed plans for the fall, Christmas and next year’s summer camp.  Yes, we are planners!

Wednesday, I was off to Iasi, about 3 1/2 hours from here.  Bogdan (the teen not the husband) needed his yearly eye check up.  Things are progressing well.  He has  problem with scratching his glasses very badly while working with his dad in the forest cutting wood. So we replaced the lenses in his old glass for work and got him a new pair for at home or play. I didn’t get any pictures, so I’ll be sure to get some when his glasses arrive in the mail next week.

On the way home from Iasi, I bought some plums and Thursday Diana (Bogdan’s younger sister) came  over and we made plum baby food and she played with Matt while I was able to clean the house.

As you may remember from previous years, August is the month of no hot water in Suceava.  This year, I have been going over to my friend’s house to take a shower since they have a boiler.   This has been a great excuse to have fellowship with my dear friend and her kids.  Her boys just love Matt and they can’t wait until he’s big enough to play with them.  I was excited to hear that the hot water was being turned back on Aug 20-3 week earlier than usual.  Only, our building will not be getting that hot water.  Six of the ten apartments have debt to the property management ranging from $100-almost $2000.  They can’t turn off the hot water to individual apartments, so the whole building suffers.  Rumor has it, they have also turned off the heating system for the winter. The hot water will only be turned back on, if folks start paying.  But that doesn’t look like it will happen.  What ever happened to eviction notices?

Finally, we had a great weekend.  Bogdan came home from the summer camp where he was working.  We made 15 jars of blackberry dulceata–which ended up being syrup because I messed up the recipe, and 22 jars of blueberry dulceata (like a runny jam) and 9 jars of plum compot, which is a thick plum juice with whole fruit in it.  I also bagged up fruit and froze it to make cakes and baby food this winter.

Sunday night, Bogdan surprised me with a romantic dinner at the restaurant where we got engaged. We were celebrating our one year anniversary, which was in June, but Bogdan has to work then. Celebrating in August really made it a surprise.  It was so wonderful to spend time together.  Matt was with us, since we don’t have a baby sitter yet, but it was still a great evening with the family.

Matt has a doctor’s appointment a the private clinic  today to get some vaccines that the government doctors here don’t cover and then we are off to Voronet to see Bogdan and for a bit of rest.

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