Why are you spitting on my baby?

People keep spitting on my baby!  Ok, so it’s not with actual spit, it’s more like a “puh, puh” with a spitting action. But why do they keep doing this? I finally got my answer:  Baby Matt is just way too cute!  The Orthodox superstition is that if you say that a baby is cute he will be cursed.  Cute babies get cursed because they are sooooo cute. So by spitting on them, you can call them cute and they won’t be cursed.  Another curse prevention is tying a red string around the baby’s wrist until the baby is baptized.

The very cute, Baby Matt!

2 Responses

  1. Matt is so adorable!! I read something about ladies in an African nation doing that, too, to babies! Gotta love different cultures!! Hugs to all!

    BTW, we loved the photo of Vasilica, thank you for that. Can’t wait to show it to our school group when we meet in Sept. Can we send a Christmas box to him specifically?

  2. We miss you guys!!

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