VBS in Ploiesti Area

So we had much success doing VBS in the Ploiesti Area. Thank you for all of your prayers.   We held VBS in 2 different villages, visiting one village in the morning and one in the evening. Both villages are predominately gypsy.  We had about 30 kids, mostly 7 years old and under in the morning village and older kids and teens in the evening village.  Ana taught the lessons, which were great.  We had games, crafts, and songs.  The two woman team from PA did a great job helping out with crafts and games and teaching the kids songs in English. We loved their flexibility.

Baby Matt did a great job with all the traveling.  The trip to Ploiesti was 7 hours and we were on the road a lot during the week since the villages were a ways out from the hotel.  The heat was also horrible and there was no a/c.  We were grateful for the a/c in the car!

A special thanks to our host Eduard and his team of volunteers.

Please pray for these villages and there new churches.  In the morning village, the person in charge of the children is only 13 years old. The children’s programs in these villages are new and limited, but the kids are learning verses and Bible stories.


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