VBS in New Territory

Tomorrow Ana and I (and Baby Matt) are going to Baicoi (Tintea) –Boldesti-Scaieni, which is near the city of Ploiesti, which is about an hour north of Bucuresti.  We will be joined by 2 women from PA as well as Eduard, the MBK choir ministry director and members of his choir.  We will be hosting VBS in 2 gypsy villages for 3 days.  This is the first time, MBK has done VBS in this area.  Ana and I are going as “teachers;” to show Eduard and his team how to do VBS.  But this is new territory for us, so we don’t know what to expect either.

Please pray for us as we travel, as the 2 women travel from the US, and as we bring together the teams to host VBS.  Most importantly, please pray for the children who will come, that their hearts will be open to the Gospel message and that they will be drawn closer to God.


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  1. How did this go, Melissa? I hope it was all that you prayed for and that the gypsy children enjoyed their VBS with you. Did you take some pictures? Would love to see and hear how it went. And how did baby Matt do on his travels? He’s going to be the most well rounded little boy on the planet! 🙂 Hugs to you, Bogdan, and Matt! Oh, tell Bogdan that the “new” Dallas is in full swing on TV. It always brings back memories to me of our Southfork outing last January! Wendy

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