Summer Camp


We had a great camp this year, despite the lack of water. It rained but never enough to change the water pressure.  We were able to use the 1st floor bathrooms a bit, but mostly we just used the ground floor ones and sent the kids to the river w/ soap!  The pirate theme was well received by the kids and leaders. The kids were divided into teams of 10 and did a rotation schedule twice a day including games, memory verse, crafts, lesson review and rehearsal.  The kids did a talent show at the end of the week with the help of  Teo–who did an amazing job directing the skits and dances. Each team did a serious skit and a funny one.  We had water time and played lots of BINGO!  The kids enjoyed the Bible lessons each day and we could hear them singing the Bible songs all day long. The team from America was great. Allen, from PA, did a devotion with the kids each morning.  We couldn’t have done camp with out them.  On Saturday, Diakonia church came out and joined us for a short church service (the kids got to do their skits again) and lunch.  We then were able to play games and fotbal! Our last night, the kids dressed up like pirates and tropical princesses and had a camp fire.  Bogdan made chocolate stuffed bananas and served them by the fire.

The kids didn’t want to go home and we even got a call from the orphanage telling us that the boys were crying because they wanted to be at camp!  I guess that’s a very good sign!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a camper.  Watch your mail for a surprise from your camper!!!

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  1. WELL DONE Melissa and the team!

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