Summer Camp Sponsorship

We have 33 kids sponsored for camp, we need 17 more to meet our goal.   If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please send in your sponsorship by June 1st.

Did you know you can still write a letter to your camper???  Write a letter, add a picture of your family, pets, boat, motorcycle–whatever!!!  and send it to:

Summer Camp–__________________ (name of your camper)

PO Box 11

Roxbury, PA 17251


These letters will be hand carried over to Romania by the summer team.  You may include flat items like stickers or gum in the letters.  These letters must be received by June 15th.

One Response

  1. Our homeschool group, the Quest kids, are excited about our lemonade stand and bake sale to sponsor a camper! They came up with a business plan about what to make, where to buy, etc., then started making some of the cookies today at our meeting. Our bake sale is on Saturday at Echo Farms…may God bless it so maybe we can even sponsor two kiddos!

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