And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Below is an email from Alycia.  Alycia heads up a team of super shoppers  from New Harvest Church in PA.  Each year, Alycia asks me for a list of items we need for camp.  She and her team raise money for the items and then go to town, shopping for everything on the list…and she always finds everything we need.
I’m amazed at what God does in Romania for His ministry, but I’m often surprised at what He does in America for His people in Romania.  Check out what God did on Alycia’s last shopping trip:
Hi Melissa,
We are just getting back from our final shopping trip for camp supplies and I wanted to share it with you. We had $221 dollars to spend and we knew we needed summer clothes especially shorts. We went into Boscov’s and immediately found a rack filled with shorts for 3.99. A sales clerk, not from that dept. called us over and asked if we knew about the Did u Boscov’s today? program. We did not so she explained it and as it turns out all children and infant items received an extra 20% off with no exclusions! We loaded our cart with shorts and shirts and with the extra discount some rang out at .79!!! The same lady that told us about the program rang us out and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer clerk. We asked her to tell us when we were getting close to $200 and as it happened we were able to get even more shorts. We picked out a few more and the bill was $198.37! How amazing is that??? Then we knew we had about $21 left so we headed to the boys section and picked out a few t-shirts and swim trunks. We had one coupon left and this bill totaled $21.93! God is good!! These totals couldn’t have been more perfect!! The tears are rolling down my face as I share this story! God always helps us shop and every year we are amazed!!!
I was able to get the Veggie pirate movie! That is another amazing story! I had foot surgery and hadn’t been able to shop much, but I had to go to the Wal-Mart the other day and just as I was leaving there was a rack of those movies for $4!!! I couldn’t believe it! So you will have that movie to along with the vbs packet.
I hope all is well!


2 Responses

  1. It is WONDERFUL to serve such an amazing God. Praise HIS name.

  2. Praise Him for His goodness and for His provision. Thanks for sharing Melissa.

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