Sunday School in the Winter

We got a report from Ana saying that the temperature has been down to -30 c, that would be -22 f.  Man, we are not missing that cold.  Some of the schools in Romania have been cancelled because of the cold temps and so much snow.  Please pray for warmth for the folks there.  Ana has reported however, that the kids are still coming to Sunday School.

We had 30 kids in spite of the horrible weather.  In the pictures you’ll see the kids doing their craft projects. Some have chosen the coloring sheet, others have chosen to write a letter (from the king of Syria to the king of Samaria). We talked about Naaman and his leprosy. The best 3 or 5 letters will get a point. And we also gave them some pocket verses at the end of our meeting. If they learn that verses as well, they can get a point. I’m not as generous as you think, but these seemed to me good opportunities to give them some extra points.

Ana and the team are doing a great job coming up with fun indoor activities for the kids this winter. And as you can tell those kids are working hard to earn points for summer camp.  The kids need 60 points to come to camp.  Many have already earned half of their points and they still have 4 months plus to earn more!  I’m so proud of these kids!  Please continue to pray for them.


2 Responses

  1. I am so happy that things are running smoothly in Romania while you are here in the States. I know that must have weighed on your mind when deciding to take such a long trip here. God is moving and doing His thing!

  2. What great dedication from Ana, the kids, and all involved in running Sunday school! Brrr! Way to go, guys!

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