Ministry Opportunity

I really didn’t think that Bogdan working on the new house would lead to a ministry opportunity for Stroiesti….

As many of you know, Andrei is in his 3rd year of the mentoring program and is the only boy.  He’s in his second year of high school and is studying to become a chef like Bogdan.  This past summer, Andrei worked in the kitchen one week with Bogdan.  Andrei really looks up to Bogdan and respects him.  I knew I would never be a good mentor for Andrei–he needs a man.  I’m thrilled that Bogdan is such a good, godly influence for Andrei. He really needs it, he is 16 after all.

Last week, Andrei came and worked with Bogdan and our friends, Florin and Giani on the house 2 days.  Andrei loved it.  He worked hard and made some money for school. This was true mentoring.  And one, we just didn’t think about when we bought the house. But God knew and provided this opportunity for Bogdan, as well as Florin and Giani to be good influences on Andrei.

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  1. That’s very cool! Praying for you guys always!

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