Our House

This blog was supposed to go out the day Bogdan went into the hospital.  But I thought it was best to wait.  Bogdan is doing great and working at the house. Praise the Lord.

Last week, Bogdan and I were able to buy a house.  It’s what is called “until the roof,” meaning that it’s not a completed house.  The windows and outside doors are in and all the electrical work is done.  The well has been dug, but there is no pipe installed. We have 2500 square meters of land (not sure what that is in America).  It’s a lot of land with room for a big garden and space to have a cookout and a place for Baby Ghitun to play.  The first floor has a living room, kitchen and large bathroom.  The upstairs is still one big room, but we have plans to turn it into 3 bedrooms and a bathroom.

The house is in a village near Suceava. We are 13 km or 8 miles from Suceava city center.  The house  is about 15 mins from the school in Stroiesti, but not by main road, by going on a back road (most of which is gravel). We can actually see Stroiesti from our house and we can see the mountains we love so much.  It will be a beautiful view to wake up to each morning.

As many of you know, in 2008, I sold my house in Wilmington.  I put the proceeds in an investment account and despite the bad stock market, there ended up being enough money to buy this house for cash.  We feel so blessed that we don’t have any mortgage payments. God is good!  Now, we just have to finish it.  We start work on the house next week with simple stuff like varnishing the decks and balconies. The work crew will start in about 2 weeks once materials are delivered. We know that God was in this and we praise Him for this great house.

Happy Homeowners!

2 Responses

  1. Melissa,
    I saw you brother in Sam’s Monday Night. Who is baby Ghitun?

  2. So happy for you guys! what a great house! God is so good 🙂

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