Team Adventures


Painting the fence at “Tanti’s” house


I’m sorta pressed for time right now, but I wanted to share some pictures of what the team has been doing here in Romania.  We went to the orphanage and had a great day with them.  We have been doing some work for an elderly lady in the village as well.  We are preparing for camp.  The teams hasn’t blinked an eye when asked to pack clothes, count applesauce jars, or even clean out dead mice (in the village!)  They are troopers and I’m blessed to have them here!

Crab walk anyone? We loved playing games at the orphanage.


I put blurry pictures on purpose, to protect the identity of the kids in the orphange.

off to camp on Sunday!

You too can play Duck, Duck, Goose with over 50 kids!

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for camp.  We leave on Sunday.

2 Responses

  1. I did not see Tom Sawyer in the photo???

  2. Melissa, Luke sent the link to Linsay’s blog. I hope you are reading it and can pass on the link on from your site. Seeing the kids and Romania thru new eyes is so wonderful. please let Lindsay know, I am thrilled with her blog and wonder if you still see the things she sees. God bless the team and I am yet again awestruck by His works.
    Much love and lots of prayers for a wonderful camp. Mom
    ps Linsay…keep writing!

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