Wedding Video

We are so sorry the video link did not work.  The guys from Bogdan’s church were all set up to do the video and even tested out the internet at the hotel, but as soon as they started filming outside the internet crashed!!!  We heard a rumor that about 10 mins of the wedding was broadcasted, but we are still checking on that.

We did have a videographer at the wedding.  He filmed everything, including the reception.  When we receive that dvd we will be sure to post parts of it on line.  (Others of you, though, will be forced to sit through the entire thing!!)

The wedding was a dream. The weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed themselves. I’ll share pictures as soon as I get them.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Melissa and Bogdan! I am so giddy that you guys are married now. I pray God blesses your union and that He orders your steps. Praise be to God forever!
    PS- How do you pronounce your last name?!

  2. Congratulations, guys!!!!!! We’re so happy for you!!!!!!!! Praising the Lord that the day was perfect!

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