I was finally able to pass out the last of the sponsored Christmas boxes this week.  Two children got their boxes for their birthdays because they had not come to the Christmas party and they had been at home.  Then yesterday, Ioana-Cristina got her box.  Cristina is now 9 months and her parents had been in Portugal for 3 months picking olives.  I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the box with relatives, so I waited until her mom got home.  Please forgive me, I forgot my camera.  But little Cristina is so cute and when her mom unwrapped the doll, Cristina just loved it.  She had the biggest smile and quickly put the doll in her mouth.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored a Christmas box this year.  I still have many boxes left and the kids LOVE getting them for their birthdays.  It’s wonderful being able to share with the children all year long.

Mr and Mrs

God’s Ways are Not Our Ways

We all know God works differently than we do.  We know that He uses what might be ment for bad for good.  But I am still in awe when I experience this in my life.

The first week of February was a week of vacation here in Romania for all students. It was the end of the semester break.  Bogdan and I decided to use this week to get a lot of wedding preparations done.  We were leaving the doctor’s office on Tuesday after picking up our medical release forms that are needed to get our marriage licence.  We were headed to the Mayor’s Hall to get our marriage licence and to make an appointment for the civil ceremony.

  Bogdan was driving and a man pulled out on the road and wasn’t looking and hit us.  The man was making a left hand turn to go down the hill and he just didn’t look.  Bogdan pulled over and got out of the car, he said to the man: “you have got look where you are going,” and then he called the cops.  I called Gabi and Mihaela since the car is in the name of MBK.  Since the accident wasn’t bad and no one was hurt we were all able to go to the man’s insurance company and fill out forms. The police never showed up since there wasn’t a conflict.  The man quickly admitted it was all his fault.  The driver’s side door now has a big dent and a hole in it and the door needs to be replaced.  

When talking to Mihaela I asked, “Is this a sign?”  Not really sure what the sign was telling me.  She said, “maybe it is…it’s an opportunity to see how you each react when faced with a crisis.”  That reminded me, that just the night before I had read in a pre-marital book, that you need to see how your future spouse reacts in a crisis before getting married.  I sorta had just scanned that passage and read on.  Well, God gave me the opportunity to see how Bogdan reacts in a crisis.  He was totally calm and never lost his cool. I was totally impressed.

After filling out the forms at the insurance company (I was really glad Bogdan had been driving, because he had the fill out the forms and I didn’t!) we raced over to the Mayor’s Hall.  It was already 3pm and the Mayor’s Hall closes at 4 or 5pm.  So we get to the Family office only to discover that the office closes at 1pm.  Well, Bogdan goes in and explains that we had been in a minor car accident and that was why we were so late.  The lady takes pity on us and lets us fill out our forms and show here all our documents.  We wanted to have the civil ceremony on February 14 and thought we were registering with plenty of time. Well, we had mis-understood the 10-14 day waiting period and it was too late to sign up for the 14th.  But the lady was in a good mood,there was no one else around, and she was impressed that an American girl could speak Romanian and let us sign up for the 14th. We were missing a couple of forms–including my medical form which had filled out with my Romanian address instead of my American address, but the lady still let us sign up for the 14th.  And told us to bring the rest of the forms in on Thursday.

So, to quote my future husband when I asked him what he thought of the accident: someone doesn’t want us to get married, but God used the accident so we could get married the day we wanted and He gave us the opportunity to see how each other reacts in a crisis. God protected us and used the accident for His glory!

*****We are having the civil ceremony on the 14th, but the real wedding isn’t until June 4th.  Although, it’s a big deal, the civil ceremony, the Church here doesn’t recognize it as the wedding, so we won’t be moving in together until after June 4th.  It’s not that unusual to do the civil ceremony so early, especially where there are lots of complicated visa applications and residency permits to fill out.  I heard of one couple who had their civil ceremony almost a year early so they could get on the list to buy an apartment during communist times.

Sunday School Update

Wow,  I can’t believe its been so long since I posted a blog.  Thank you mom for pointing that out!

Sunday school has been going really well.  We have had 45-47 kids the past couple of weeks.  We have new kids who are excited to learn verses.  Three weeks ago, Ana gave the kids a challenge to learn Psalms of David, as part of a lesson.  For each Psalm learned the kids would earn 2 points for summer camp.  A few of our kids learned Psalms.  Then 3 new girls started coming and they decided to learn Psalms.  They received 4 points because they had learned 2 Psalms each.  I’m so impressed.  They are working hard to catch up on the points. 

What are the points all about you ask?  Well, we have so many kids who want to come to camp and there is no way we can take everyone.  So the kids now have to earn their way to camp!  The kids earn points by just showing up to Sunday school and then another point when they learn the memory verse.  There are other opportunities to earn points. We have a few kids who have learning disabilities, and when they TRY to learn the verses, we help them out and give them points.  We try to be as fair as possible.  We like to see effort and kids with a desire to learn the Word of God.   The kids also know that if they misbehave, I’ll erase a point and if they are so bad they get sent home, 2 points are gone!  The kids with the most points go to camp or if they are too little for camp, a field trip.

Other good news!  Brother Florin has so many kids wanting to go to Diakonia church in the city, he has now started a rotating schedule.  There are 4 exceptions to this rotation and they are the 4 kids/teen who have been the most consistent.  Bogdan and Dana have yet to miss a Sunday and Diana has only missed one or two and that was at the beginning.  Maria is also so consistent.  We are so excited to see the kids and teens wanting to go to church.  I pray one day we can have a church in the village. 

The kids and teens want to have an Easter program this year, please pray for us as we plan this program.  The kids really want the pastor and choir from Diakonia to come!!!

Here are some picture from January and February’s birthday celebrations.

January Birthday kids

February's Birthday kids