Vistors at Sunday School

Last week, a group of young adults from Marantha Baptist Church in Suceava came to Sunday School.  They brought songs, an interesting lesson and games.  And goodies for the kids!!!  Marantha is the church were Bogdan goes.  We had gone to the young adults group many times and one evening there was a discussion on service.  The group wanted to go out and serve the community.  No one had any specific ideas, so I said, “We (Bogdan and I)  have a group in Stroiesti that meets on Sundays, you can come and help us.”  They loved the idea and made a date. 

This is the first time a group from Suceava has come to present a Sunday school lesson for our kids. Many groups have talked about coming but no one has ever come.  What a treat this was.  It was also an opportunity for the regular team to take a break, which they greatly needed.

Singing along with a guitar was something special for us.

Playing a game in snow. In the background you can see Andrei riding his bike on the frozen lake.

Keep running! Faster, Faster!!!

One Response

  1. Melissa,
    What a joy to see how our God works, as long as we contine to trust his wisdom and follow his path.
    I am so excited to hear and see your growth in Christ and become a true servant. I hope to see you when you cone to the states. I pray God’s peace and protection on you life.

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