Mr and Mrs

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  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. I can not believe you are married! Very super happy for you though; you both look so happy smiling ear to ear. Congratulations!

  3. Steve and I are SO happy for you both, Melissa! Congratulations and Best Wishes always! May God continue to bless you and Bogdan in the coming months and years. You’ve come such a long way from that 8 month old baby I held not so long ago. 🙂 Beautiful picture, beautiful bride!

  4. Congratulations Melissa and Bogdan! It’s a very nice pic because you are so nice people and very color-assorted! All is assorted here: your cloths, Melissa’s flowers, wow! What a nice couple! Congratulations: I’m very proud that Bogdan has chosen a so beautiful American young lady, beautiful not just in exterior but inside of her heart too! Congratulations Melissa, you’ve chosen a young lovely Romanian man, I’m sure – not just for the external beauty, but for his beatiful spirit too. Congratulations! God bless you! Have happiness together and the Lord’s keep for your entire life!

  5. Aw, congratulations you guys! I am so thrilled to hear that you are married now. God bless your marriage! I must pass on some advice that was given to me when I got married. Melissa, you must always put Bogden first and before yourself. Bogden, you must always put Melissa first and before yourself. And make sure that you guys communicate frequently. It is the oil in the well oiled machine. You guys are going to have such a beautiful life together and I am so happy for you both! Lots of love!

  6. that is so exciting! so cool to see pictures of this special moment. congratulations!

  7. Felicitari! Congratulation! Domnul sa va binecuvanteze!

  8. Congratulations

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