Embassy Visit

Lord willing, tonight Bogdan and I will board a train to Bucuresti and will arrive on Thursday morning.  Bogdan has an interview for a non-immigration tourist visa for the US. Please pray for God’s favor for the whole process. We have been told some horror stories about this process. But God is with us.  He brought us together and He will continue to lead us.

 Bogdan will be given the visa after the interview or be denied.  So I, personally, am thankful there isn’t a long waiting process.

I have an appointment at the Embassy too.  I have to get a form from the Embassy stating that I am free to get married, ie. I don’t have a secret husband somewhere in the US. This is a requirement for all foreigners here in Romania. 


2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to hearing results…love and prayers sent your way!

  2. We are praying!!! Incidentally, congratulations to you both on your recent engagement. May God bless you richly “with strength from His boundless resources so that you can pass through any experience with joy, even thanking God in the middle of pain and distress. [Col. 1:11-12 JB Phillips] I wish we could come to your wedding but alas…dream on. D&D

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