Christmas boxes

Well, folks, I had to take a break and leave Suceava for a couple of days.  I went to a small village about 45 mins from the city to stay with Ana and her grandma.  It was great.  We watched movies, read books, and baked banana bread and cookies….it is a good thing I’m not planning a pre-wedding diet!  The only down side is that it got down to 3.2 degrees F that would be -16 C, regardless, very cold.  We stayed warm by the fire, but going to the outhouse was not so much fun!

Anyways,  here are some pictures of the kids with their boxes. They loved their gift.  It was great having Tyler, Jaime and Lydia with us.  They had organized the boxes so well and were able to really match the boxes with the kids who were not sponsored. Everyone went away happy! We did have some boxes left over and I was able to take them to some poor families that I know.  I have some boxes that will be birthday presents for the kids in Stroiesti.  Thank you to everyone who made and sent boxes.  You made Christmas a little brighter for the kids in Stroiesti and their families. 

Maria receives her box after the Christmas program.

Denisa tries to hold up her backpack, but it's almost as big as she is!

Larisa loved getting such a big box!

Tyler passed out boxes to the boys!

Many little ones came to our program for the first time!

Jaime passes out the boxes to the girls!

Even the littlest kids got boxes!

Jaime takes her job seriously as she find the perfect box for each child.

Ioana gives a cute little pose with her box!

Some of the boys give a last wave of thanks!

3 Responses

  1. sal din nou frumos a fost si pozele a iesit super faine……… pricep?

  2. you guys are doing a great job, keep going!

  3. Hey great to see these pics. They look very happy!! You are amazing… Stay encouraged as you shine Jesus in Stroiesti…. Happy New Year!! Love ya!

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