School Christmas Programs

Class 2-a poses in front of their class Christmas Tree.

Class 2-b dressed in their finest sing by candle light.

The 8th grade boys danced dressed up like bears and other animals. No one could explain why they do this, except that "we always have..."

Santa visited each class and brought them gifts.

The children said their poems for Santa inorder to "earn" their gifts.

The boys from Kindergarten are all dressed up and perform for us all.

First graders line up and practice their carols in English.

Third and fourth graders celebrate winter!

First graders meet with their teacher before the show.

The Snow Fairy makes a visit!


Aren't the Kindergarten girls just beautiful in their traditional costums? Little Alexandra is all in white as the snow fairy.

Kindergarteners wave branches as part of a New Years tradition.

I had a great time going to all of the children’s programs.  In a few on the shows, the kids said poems or sang a song or two about Jesus Christ…the real meaning of Christmas.  Most of the events were celebrating Santa and Winter!  The children were so cute in their costumes and their very best clothes.  What a joy.  Last year, the children didn’t have a program because there was a strike the week before Christmas vacation, so everyone was extra excited about this year’s program.

7 Responses

  1. Fabulous!!!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. They are great. Keep shining your light Melissa. God bless you and have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. I need lots of hugs and kisses all around. Those kids are wonderful. Hope you are having a great time with all. These kids will never forget all the little things you do for them. and even if you don’t know it, it means the world to them.

  4. Looks like a good time was had by all. Merry Christmas, Melissa.

  5. Have a very merry Christmas Melissa!

  6. Merry Christmas, Melissa! We continue to pray for you and enjoy all the updates and pictures you send us. You really are making a difference for His Kingdom by His power. Love you!

  7. Buna, Melissa! Mulțumim pentru publicarea fotografiilor. Sunt intradevar deosebite. Felicitari pentru activitatea ta depusa la Scoala Stroiesti!!!

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