Helping Out

On Saturday, Ana, Ancuta and I had the opportunity to help out another Sunday School program in another village.  This group meets on Saturday and the leader had to go into the hospital for some treatments.  They meet at someone’s house.  The group doesn’t have a team.  There is the 20-year-old guy whose parents own the house where they meet and the girl who was in the hospital.  Ana, Ancuta, and I were quick to agree to help them out last Saturday.  Because we know what it’s like to be in need of team and in of help for Sunday School..been there done that!

We were asked to teach the kids some Christmas songs and do a lesson.  I brought along some beads so the kids could make bracelets. 

We were amazed at the children and not in a good way.  They were very disrespectful.  The teenage girls were rude and spent the whole talking or text messaging on their phones. When we called them on misbehaving, they just got sullen.   The children had trouble paying attention to the lesson.  Of course there were many children who were well behaved and enjoyed the lesson. There was one boy who sang with all his heart…a bit off key, but with all his heart. 

Before I came to Stroiesti there wasn’t much consistency with the Sunday School program.  There was no fixed team and therefore the kids felt free to goof off and not pay attention.  But all that changed, especially when Ana came.   We have a fixed schedule with a team that loves and cares about the kids.  The kids know we love and respect them, and therefore, they love and respect us.  Our teens are generally happy and have good attitudes; our children, even the 4 year olds pay attention to the lesson. 

We shared some insight and advice with the 20-year-old guy and Ancuta volunteered to help out a bit. I left a big box of crayons and a Christmas coloring book for next week.  The three of us left appreciating our amazing children in Stroiesti.  We thank God for what He has done in Stroiesti.  We pray the other group and hope they are able to get a  good team and strong program.

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