A man with a van

Brother Florin told us at the beginning of November that he would no longer be able to help us Sunday School.  This was a blow to the group.  Brother Florin has been with the group longer than anyone.  He makes the fire for us in the winter and brings cookies and chocolate bars to the kids each week.  He is a great influence on the older boys. He was having some problems at work, he’s an ambulance driver, and had to take on a second job. 

Six weeks later, he called and said that things had cleared up and that all was going well and could he please come back to the group.  We, of course, said “YES.”  We were so happy he was back.

The following week, Brother Florin came to Sunday School in a new van..well, new to him.  He has had this dream to take the teens from Stroiesti to church in the city each week, but his car was too small to take more than 4 teens.  So he went to a co-worker who had a van and explained what he wanted to do.  He told his co-worker, “I don’t have any money, but I would like to trade my car for your van. Let me know what you think.”  Well, a week later, the co-worker, who is not a believer, but his father was a pastor, came to Brother Florin with the keys and made the trade.  Praise the Lord. 

Yesterday, Sunday, Brother Florin took 8 teens from Stroiesti to Diakonia, my church, in the city.  I wasn’t able to be there, since I had gotten some crazy 24 hour stomach flu, but I heard the reports.  The teens loved it.  There was a visiting choir and visiting missionaries from Africa.  The teens are so looking forward to going back next week.

I praise God that He was able to bring Brother Florin back to our team and even more so that He provide a way for the teens to come to church each Sunday.

Brother Florin and his new van


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  1. You know Melissa, every time I read your posts I am amazed. Amazed at how God is using you and amazed at how God is using Romanians around you. You are God’s workmanship create for good works in Christ. God be praised.

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