Bogdan’s Eyes–Update

I took Bogdan and his mother to Iasi on Friday for his three-month check up.  The doctor said that his vision has improved greatly in the last three months of “patch therapy” and new glasses !  She was really pleased.  She told us that surgery was an option to straighten his eyes.  The surgery will not improve his vision, but it will prevent his eyes from turning inward involuntarily.  The doctor only does this surgery in the summer, so the family has time to consider and pray about whether or not they want it.  Bogdan’s father is currently in Portugal working at an olive farm, so the family definitely does not want to make any decisions without him.

Please continue to pray for Bogdan and his family.


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  1. Hey Miss Issa! I did both patch therapy and eye surgery straighten my eyes when I was eight. It was a painless procedure and other than being an annoyed eight-year-old I didn’t have any complications. It was also a fairly new surgery at the time, too. That was over 20 years ago, so I’m sure it’s only gotten easier.

    My vision didn’t improve, but it cut down on headaches and eye strain because my brain wasn’t constantly trying to get my eyes going in the right direction.

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