Happy Romania Day!

December first is a public holiday here in Romania.  And that means no school.  Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching the kids in school, but like everyone else, I love a free day! 

December 1st is also the day the Christmas lights get turned on in the city and the Christmas tree in the city center is lit.  I may go and watch them light the tree tonight, depends on how cold it is.

The snow is falling and it’s actually very pretty.  The snow last week melted quickly because the ground was so warm and the temperature rose to a balmy 45 degrees.  It’s now down to 18 and the snow is sticking to the sidewalks and roads.  This should be fun!  The kids in the village are looking forward to the snow piling up.  They love to go sledding on the hills in the village.   As for me, I’ll stay home today and bundle up!


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  1. Sounds beautiful…and fun!

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