The Victory Team

A couple of weeks ago, the children renamed the Sunday School program.  The kids came up with ideas and then later we voted.  The kids voted on “The House of Victory.”

We also have a good team for Sunday School.  Our team is so big now, that we don’t all fit in my car!  This is a good problem to have. 

So let’s meet the team (in order from the picture). Florin is our newest member, but he  has actually been around for a while.  We met Florin at the summer camp and the children just love him.  Next is me…but I you all know me.  Ana is my partner in crime in Stroiesti.  She has been teaching Sunday School in Stroiesti for over a year now!  She is an English and German teacher at a local school here.  Alina is our youngest member at 17.  She came to us because her sister was unable to help out this past summer at camp.  Alina is great with the kids!  Ancuta joined us this past spring.  She is a 3rd grade teacher at the same school as Ana.  Ancuta has started teaching some of the lessons at Sunday School too! Finally, we have Teo.  Teo was a counselor at summer camp and recently got back from a missions trip to Mongolia.  He is an expert at games for the kids and the kids treat him like a rock star!

The team comes from 5 different churches, 4 different denominations, but we all serve the one true God.  It is truly a privilege to work with this amazing team!


3 Responses

  1. The snow actually makes the apartment in the distance look nice – not at all like a nasty looking fomer communist apartment building. Good!

    Glad you have soooo much support.

  2. This is WONDERFUL!! God is GREAT!!

  3. Fantastic! Praying for you! Now we can pray for the whole Victory Team! Happy Thanksgiving, girl!

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