Field Trip to Dorohoi

When we were at summer camp this year, we met a group of kids from a orphange in Dorohoi, which is about an hour north of Suceava.  My kids and their kids got along really well and we decided to continue the relationships that were started at camp.  I had been to visit the kids with a couple of the counselors from camp in September.  The kids from Stroiesti earned points at Sunday School and were able to come with us this past Saturday to Dorohoi. We met at a youth center in the city. 

Being the day before Halloween, Ana taught a lesson based on a track that someone from the US sent me this summer.  Who ever you are thank you!  I was sent 70 packets with lollipops and stickers and tracks. They arrived in a big shipment so I don’t know who sent them. Please let me know if it was you! 

Ana taught this lesson: we are like pumpkins. God chooses us, washes us clean, He takes away our sins (the seeds), He transforms us (carving a face) and He puts a light in us.

The rest of the day was filled with games and crafts.  We ate a great lunch and the kids had free time.  The weather was so nice that the kids were able to play outside too.

Making lanterns

Earlier in the week, Ana had the idea to make a pinata.  WOW!  I didn’t know it took 5 days to make a pinata.  But we made it.  I almost cried when the kids broke it! The kids had to say the memory verse in order to get a chance to hit the pinata!

After the pinata, the girls found a box of yarn and knitting needles.  Ana and Alina taught the girls how to knit.  Love it. 

 Our friend, Teo just got back from a mission trip to Mongolia, so he gave a presentation, which impressed the kids.  The coolest part was that he saw Jackie Chan…very cool.

We had a great time and have invited the kids from Dorohoi to visit us in Stroiesti at Christmas!

2 Responses

  1. What a fantastic trip you all had! What fun activities for all the kids! I’m so excited just reading about it…well done, good and faithful servants of the Lord!!!

  2. hei sal din nou a fost frumos in ziua ai, mi-a placut tare mult

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