The Substitute teacher

Friday morning, I was the substitute teacher for one of the first grade class.  WOW.  There were 15 seven year olds .  The kids were really good.  They colored for about an hour and had I let them color all day, they would have stayed good as gold.  We tried going outside, but it was too windy and we only lasted 5 mins. We sand and the kids started learning “Jack and Jill”.  We ended the day by watching a short cartoon. 

My first graders coloring.

The biggest problem were chatty kids…not really a huge problem..  We also had a boy with a birthday..really it was his name day.  So he handed out candies at lunch time to all the kids.  And he gave me a chocolate bar. Very sweet.  He also became the line leader and got to pass out milk at lunch.

Daniel got to celebrate his name day with his class.

I love little kids. They are so much fun!  But thankfully, Fridays are short days for the kids and they went home at 11.