Exciting News!

The heat has been turned on! (What where you expecting something else?) 

The State actually turned on the heat about 2 weeks ago.  But for a week, they would only turn it on at 10 pm for a few short hours.  On October 15, they turned it on full-time.  I didn’t want to announce this great annual event, until I was sure it was on for the winter!

It has been so cold here-30’s-50’s.  And many apartment buildings and businesses don’t have control over heat, so its been cold.  I was really cold even in my house and I  ended up spending a lot of time cooking to stay warm.  In recent year, folks have bought central heating units for their homes and apartments so they have control over hot water and heating.  As a renter, I don’t have this option. 

This is one of the interesting long-lasting effects of communism.  Centralized feeding centers were in the works as well, when the communist government fell in 1989.  Centralized water, heating, and feeding centers were all created to control the population. 

I’m glad this is no longer the case…ok, for some of us, it’s still the case…but we’re working on it!

3 Responses

  1. Well, I’m glad you are warm. We have not started our furnace yet. My husband and son are not excited about getting wood all the time and keeping the fire going. It is only in the 40’s at night and during the day it is in the 60’s so I’m not too uncomfortable. What was a centralized feeding center? Did the people not eat in their homes during communism?

  2. Melissa, Eric and I experienced the same thing in Slovakia. The “government” would turn the heat on in our flat only after three days in a row below freezing! We would just pray for that third day of freezing weather!!! Thanks for sharing the excitement!!

  3. Stay warm friend. We are thinking about and praying for you. 🙂

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