A Good Teacher

Teachers in Romania have a bad reputation for not caring about their students.  But there is one teacher in Stroiesti,who goes above and beyond for her students.

Nicosor is nine years old and in the first grade.  He is about two years older than the other kids and didn’t really go to kindergarten.  He was the only child in his class without a school uniform.   I approached his teacher, because last  year, she had come to me for help with buying some notebooks for one poor child.  She told me that she had sympathy for Nicosor.  On the first day of school, his classmates in the first grade asked him where was his uniform.  They didn’t intend to be mean, just curious.  Nicosor felt different.  So I talked to his teacher and asked how much does a uniform cost.  That night she called the seamstress.  There was another child in the other first grade class whose mother had just called for a uniform and the seamstress would be in the school to take measurements the next day.  Nicosor beamed when he got his measurements done.  The uniform wasn’t very expensive, so I was able to pay for it.  For this small child, a uniform is really life changing.

I was told today the uniform is done and the seamstress even gave us a discount.  The teacher and I went today the store to buy a little white button up shirt to go with the uniform.  We found one, but the quality was bad and it was way too expensive.  So we then went to the market and found the perfect shirt.  The teacher is going to iron and starch it tonight for Nicosor.   The teacher doesn’t have faith in Nicosor’s mother to keep the uniform clean, so the uniform will stay at school and Nicosor will change into it every morning and out of it every afternoon.  The teacher will also take the uniform home to clean it. 

As we were walking in the market today, I asked her: “are there other teachers like you?”  Her reply: “not really.”   She will be his teacher for the next four years.  Nicosor loves first grade and loves to learn.  He’s missing three-quarters of his right index finger, but he writes really nicely, which is very important for the first grade.  We want to work with him as much as we can in the next four years to give him the opportunity to succeed.

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  1. What a beautiful story. Melissa, I have been overwhelmed in the last few days with the painfully sad home lives of some of my students. With baggage such as this I wonder sometimes that I am able to teach them anything. Poor needy children are everywhere; the USA and Romania. May God continue to grant you, your fellow teacher and me the wisdom we need to care for these precious souls.
    Blessings to you.

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