Domestic Violence

I worked at the DV shelter in Wilmington for 5 years before coming here to Romania.  I learned a lot while there.  I learned never to go to the scene of the incident.  I learned never take the victim to your home. I learned you don’t take the victim back to their house.  You’re supposed to have the police involved, use taxis for transport, use motels for housing.  I broke every single  rule last night.  This is Romania; it’s not the same as America. 

Eighteen year old, Daniela had gone to visit her sister-in-law at the hospital and then went to the market near by.  She found her husband with another girl.  She walked up to them and introduced herself to the girl as the guy’s wife and told her their baby was home asleep.  Her husband didn’t like this.  He had been drinking and caused a ruckus at the cafe/bar in the market.  Daniela went home.  He came back and continued the ruckus.  They live with his parents.  His father and brother are out of the country working.  So it was just the mother-in-law, a sister-in-law, a nephew and Daniela and baby at home.  The mother-in-law told her son that if he caused a scene she was calling the police.  He left.  She called me.  She couldn’t go back to her parents because her father likes to get drunk and hit the family and she didn’t want to deal with that either. I went to pick her and her 4 month old baby girl up.  He was gone and she had no idea where he was.  The next morning, she was still angry at her husband, but she didn’t have any options and she went back to him.  His family assured her that he was calm and that he was going out into the fields to work with his mother for the day.  

I was able to give Daniela the only thing I could: a night of peace for her and her baby.

There are few domestic violence centers in Romania and they all usually full.   The best one is actually run by an American in the center of the country.

I fully expect to her from Daniela again.  I told her to call me if she had any problems.  My couch is open to her.  I wish I could do more for this young mother.

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  1. Melissa, wow. God is using you once again as a fortress for his loved ones. Thanks for sharing this. Please be careful! Praying for you daily! (well actually, nightly!)

    Went apple picking in the NC mountains with the kids and Amber and B a few days ago. (Tammy N. and fam was supposed to go, but woke up sick.) We had a great time! Thought of you and the fruit trees behind the hopeful youth center….

    Lots of love, in Christ, Shelley

  2. Scary stuff Melissa. Down right evil really. Just keep in mind that this is really a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6:12). We prayed coporately for you today during worship. In fact, among other things, Pastor Len prayed for your protection, probably not knowing about this blog info. We’ll keep praying sister. Keep fighting the good fight. Blessings.

  3. Lots of love going out to you from the Hoyle-Harris family. Please stay safe and use your training to your advantage. I will pray for Daniela and her baby and as always, you too! Let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you.

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