Thanksgiving-Romanian Style

Here in Romania, the churches celebrate Thanksgiving each fall.  There are no pilgrims or indians, no turkeys or pumpkin pies.  This Thanksgiving or Roadelor is a thanksgiving to God for providing a good harvest.  Each church decides when to hold their celebration.  I was able to join one church for their Roadelor celebration at the camp in Voronet.  It was lovely. The gym was decorated with all kinds of fruits and veggies.  The church service was held in the morning and again in the evening.   Folks took pictures amongst the decorations, which include a tree that was found near the road and was perfect for the decorations.

Now there were some similarities to American Thanksgiving: food and lots of it, only we ate sausages and mici (a type of grilled meat ball) and sarmale (stuffed cabbage) and cozonac cake.  Another similarity, after the meal, they guys played football..only it was European football or soccer.  Many folks went in search of wild mushrooms after the meal.  People came back with bags full of the yellow mushrooms.  They are made into sauces and soups or put on the grill.  Yummy!

Over 300 people came for the celebration

I spent the day helping out at the grill. It was a blast.

Sausages anyone?

I really enjoyed by first Roadelor celebration and look forward to sharing an American Thanksgiving with my friends here in Romania!

4 Responses

  1. Diane wants to know about the good looking fellow in the lovely photograph. I told her that he was your brother. Is he?

  2. Well I guess that cat is out of the bag. It is a good picture of you and Bogdan.

  3. mommy, why are you putting cats in bags? That’s just mean.

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